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Coverage overview

In the table below we have listed the types of organizations that are covered for each country. The amount of information about those organizations and contact points for them varies and is also improved over time.

Belgium Current content includes federal scientific institutes, public institutions of social security, federal public sevices, public planning services, language areas, communities, regions, extant provinces, police zones, emergency zones and municipalities.
Bermuda Current content includes ministries, parishes and municipalities.
Canada Current content includes ministerial departments, provinces, and territories.
Denmark Current content includes, ministries, regions and municipalities.
East Timor Current content includes ministries, municipalities, special administrative region, administrative posts and sucos.
Finland Current content includes regions and ministries.
Germany Current content only includes ministries, federated states and governmental districts.
Ghana Current content only includes regions and districts.
Greenland Current content only includes municipalities.
India Current content includes ministries, states and union territories.
Indonesia Current content includes ministries, provinces, cities and regencies.
Luxembourg Current content includes ministries, ministries departments, cantons and communes.
Netherlands Current content includes ministries, courts, water boards, the Kings cabinet, provincies and municipalities.
New Zealand Current content includes district health boards, wānangas, state-owned enterprises, regional councils and territorial authorities.
Norway Current content only includes municipalities, district courts, ministries and embassies.
Philippines Current content includes departments, regions, provinces and cities.
Russia Current content includes the government and ministries.
Singapore Current content includes parliament, government, supreme court, ministries, town councils, and community development council districts.
South Africa Current content includes departments, independent constitutional bodies, provinces and municipalities.
Sweden All Swedish government agencies are included.
Ukraine Current content includes ministries and first level administrative units.
United Kingdom Current content includes ministerial departments and Scottish exceutive agencies, local authorities, NHS boards, NDPBs, courts, public corporations, tribunals, parole boards, Queen's printer, non-ministerial government departments, commissioners, ombudsmen and Health and social care partnerships.